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Construction stages and the cost calculations:
  • The most important part before the construction is the
    plan what to construct - house, summerhouse or a sauna.

  • If the plan is made then pull some lines to the paper,
    make a small project or a sketch. If the construction is
    less than 60 m2 then the project is not needed, just the
    sketch is enough.

  • Since the value of your dream also depends of the
    location where you want to construct it, then you should
    find a suitable real estate or if it already exists, then just
    explore the local municipality conditions.

  • In the meantime it is not bad idea to peek in to the pockets (consideration of options). If everything is all right there, then move on, if not then re-think the first points.

  • Undoubtedly the most basic of the construction is the foundation. This is what the whole house is standing on. The price of the foundation depends of the soil, the volume of the earthworks, the amount of the concrete and your specific desires. For example the foundation from the natural stone adds a lot of cost.

  • Money will be going to the communications (water, electricity, heat) also.

  • Doors, windows, ceilings, floors, that will last a long time are not cheap.

  • Since the strength of the roof structure and the price of the roof depends on the choice of the roofing material, you should also think of this. The roofing material can be stone, sheet metal, lawn etc.

  • The price also depends on the thickness of the walls, wall type and the amount of walls.

  • And finally the most exciting part - moving in.

  • Just as simple as that, when you choose Kodutalu to your construction partner.
A more accurate estimation of the price is based on calculations. For this, you can come to our production site and we will review these points together or you can send us a letter to the address below, together with drawings and a description of your idea.

Kodu Talu Ltd
Estonia, Pärnu County, Koonga Village
Tel[Est]: +372 505 5282
Tel[Eng]: +372 526 4982