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Kodu Talu, located between Pärnu and Lääne county,
is manufacturing wooden structures. The experience of
manufacturing wooden structures dates back to 1999th year.

Kodu Talu founder needed a sauna. After the sauna a cold
storage building was needed. Logs were used to construct
the cold storage building, because if the logs can hold the
warm air then they can hold the cold air also.

Then the first interest came from friends and so it all begun.
Today Kodu Talu has existed for over 10 years.

Since Kodu Talu only produces wooden structures based on custom designs then the experiences gained with this time is invaluable and makes every project special. We are continuously improving our work processes and the volume of the work has multiplied over the years. Interests have come from Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland, and every year more and more from Estonia.

Kodu Talu has a "Log Home Builder" certificate.
Kodu Talu Ltd
Estonia, Pärnu County, Koonga Village
Tel[Est]: +372 505 5282
Tel[Eng]: +372 526 4982